Wednesday 22 September 2010

Honey Dates Watercress Drink | 密枣西洋菜谅茶

ingredient: watercress, honey dates

Put 300g watercress and 6 honey dates into a pot, add 1.5L to 2L water then boiled for 3 hours. If sweetness not enough, can add more honey dates。

(watercress aid in reduce body heat)


将 300g 西洋菜和 6 密枣放进锅,加 1.5L - 2L 水,煲三个小时。如不够甜,可再加密枣。


P/S main stem of the watercress was used to making this drink it is because main stem is hard and not suitable for eat. while the leaves I keep it for stir-fry. In this way, nothing go into trash.


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