Thursday 2 May 2013

Bens Kitchen, Kuala Lumpur

We at Ben's Kitchen today

Long Menu on western food includes tea set and some Asian cuisine.


Grilled Pesto Chicken RM 25.90

Multigrain sandwich bread is nice. Bread texture is spongy with slightly chewiness.
Lettuce at the most bottom, then slide of salty dry meat, then chicken breast meat and spread of avocado pesto sauce.
Big piece of chicken breast but have some “frozen taste” and meat is dry. The sauce is flavourful, but the outcome is very thirsty (lot of MSG or flavouring)

Sandwich served with salad and 3 colour chips. Salad leave is clean (mix lettuce and wild rocket), green soya beans (edamame) and some chestnut (sadly it started to have rancid taste). Chips are quite nice, using purple sweet potato, sweet potato and yam.

Conclusion: Big portion. Like most is the chips and the sandwich bread, salad leaves are clean.

Wild mushroom quiche RM 17.90

Quiche that is full of mushroom but nothing to shout about.

Bens Kitchen Sdn Bhd
6.11.00 & E6.11.00, 6th Floor
Pavellion KL Shoping Mall
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 21415290

Sunday 31 March 2013

La Vita Coffee, Bercham Ipoh | La Vita Coffee,怡保巴占

Carbonara Pasta RM 29.90 

Thick and creamy sauce on pasta, nice cheesy taste. I like this dish, ingredient used is nice. The only thing I comment is the sausage, bacon still is my favourite for this dish. 


Tomato Bruschetta RM 13.90

Crunchy round toasted bread top with tomato and meat piece, i wonder it's a ham or what. I like this, fresh ingredients and pleasant on taste and so do the presentation. 

Affogato RM 10.00

My favourite drink or favourite dessert can be found here. Shot of espresso and scoop of vanilla ice cream, very satisfied. Personally prefer stronger espresso, espresso here not strong enough for me for this Affogato.


Espresso RM 6.50

They are using Segafredo coffee. Segafredo 是店主用的咖啡品牌。

Blueberry muffin 蓝莓鬆餅

Muffin is not bad, just slightly sweet for me. The texture is fine, soft and moist.

Banana bar RM 3.50

Madagascar Creme Brulee RM9.90

Texture is smooth but slightly dense. Overall taste is okay. 

I've been visit to La Vita Coffee few times. The following is their Set Lunch, RM23.00 per set, set include soup of the day, main course and dessert. Combination might be different from time to time.

已经到访La Vita Coffee 数次,他家的午餐套餐是 RM23.00,包括汤,主菜和甜品。套餐的菜单不时改变。

Set Lunch #1   午餐套餐 #1
Creamy Corn Soup, as you can see from the photo, creamy white soup with corn. Smooth and strong in milky/ creamy taste


Grilled Chicken with Butter Sauce. It's a nice butter sauce, not too salty. Chicken piece is fresh too, not too dry in texture. 


small cheese tart as dessert

Set Lunch #2      午餐套餐 #1
Tomato Soup. The soup is nice, as you can see that the soup is full of ingredients. It is really a nice tomato soup, sourness and sweetness of tomato with herbs, very flavourful. If you like tomato, you must be like it too.


Pan-seared Fish with Honey Mustard Sauce. Honey mustard sauce, a little bit sweet, little bit spices taste over the fish fillet. It's good to have such mild sauce to match with seafood, you can still taste the fish. I like about the vege side dish/ garnish, broccoli still crunchy and some spices to add in flavour. Instead of just broil those and serve, some restaurant do that. 


Set Lunch #3
Potato soup with croutons. The soup is nice too, kind of cream potato soup.


Black Pepper Spaghetti. Top is sprinkle with pumpkin seeds, the first time I see this. This is a dish full of mix vege. If you not a vege lover or doesn't take capsicum, please aware. Overall is nice for me as I like vege. 


Poach Salmon in Leek Sauce. Quite big piece of salmon fillet, the leek sauce is mild. Just the salmon a little bit dry out. The taste is good for me who not prefer strong taste. It would be good if can slightly stronger in taste.

Jelly dessert.  果凍甜点

La Vita Coffee
88, Persiaran Bercham Selatan 2,
Taman Desa Kencana,
31400 Ipoh Perak.

Revisited on Jun 2013, found out that the shop is closed.

Tuesday 12 March 2013

Cristang, PJ

 drizzling rain in the afternoon , we lunch at Cristang. You can see PORK on its glass panel. They mainly promote on their pork burger.

今天,小雨天,我们来吃猪包,Cristang。窗户上,你可看到 “猪”,所以,这以猪为主。

P3 Classic Burger RM25.70

Most burger come along with wedges. Those wedges is in house roasted, taste not bad. The minced pork actually is "overflow" from the butter toasted burger.


As you can see here, classic burger consist of one piece of pickle, two onion ring, one slice of tomato, one piece of lettuce on top. Then is minced pork. I wonder what is the ingredients, for me, it taste something like sardine. At the bottom is piece of pork patty and slice of cheese. Overall, the patty is nice. I will prefer to have more vege if allowed.


They have plenty of choice on the pork burger menu, like specialty burger which is petai pork burger or premium burger with some extra from normal burger.


Grilled Pork Chop RM24.80 

Two piece pork chop with buttery pepper sauce. The meat is tender and seasoning is nice. Mashed potato definitely is not ready-to-made type, self made often the nicer. Overall it is nice pork chop with buttery gravy but the meat is slightly dry to me.


Cristang Restaurant
B-G-19, 8 Avenue
Petaling Jaya.


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