Friday 23 April 2010

Longan cake | 龙眼

poor appearance due to fast pouring of jelly. please be patient.
all you need for the filling is just can of longan and jelly powder


Thursday 22 April 2010

Mango Cake | 芒果蛋糕

阿炳, 送你喜欢的芒果蛋糕
sweetheart, this is for you

finally the sponge cake raise, as my mood too. Due to my cutting technique, wasted some, and only 2 layer is available. Someone can recommend good grade mango to me? the one used is lack of aroma.


Sunday 18 April 2010

black cake for a dark day | 灰暗日子做黑色蛋糕

finally have time to made black forest 

mood is down down down today, so do my cake

she is very down too

emotional effect, it doesn't rise well 
情绪的影响, 它发不高

Sunday 11 April 2010

butter cake | 牛油蛋糕

back to the basic

ingredients | 料

butter 250g 牛油
flour 250g 面粉
sugar 200g 糖
milk 100ml 牛奶
soda bicarbonate 2g 发粉
egg 6 蛋
vanilla essence 香草精

creaming method for today. 今日用擂油法。

  1. first, beat butter with sugar until fluffy but do not over beat. when the colour of butter become lighter, means is fluffy. 先将牛油和糖打,搅打至松软及呈奶白色。不要打过头。
  2. then add in eggs in 3 portions. mix thoroughly before one and other. 将蛋分三部分加入,拌匀。
  3. after that add in dry ingredients and milk alternatively. 然后加进干的材料和牛奶,轮流
  4. Pour the batter into a baking pan (baking paper at the bottom) . Then, bake for 40-45mins at 180 degree Celsius. 倒入烘盘(铺上烘焙纸),烘40至45分钟。

remember to shift all dry ingredients. 干粉一定要过筛。

over beat will make cake become dense. 如果打过头,蛋糕就不会松软,会比较结实。

Seaweed chicken floss | 紫菜鸡丝

let's try something new today
Seaweed chicken floss cake | 紫菜鸡丝蛋糕
ingredients | 料
chicken floss 鸡丝
seaweed 紫菜
sesame 芝麻

  1. fill half of the cup with batter, fill another half with batter which mix with some chicken floss and seaweed (both are in small pieces) . 倒半杯面糊,再倒入另半,是加了紫菜和鸡丝 (碎)
  2. bake for 40 mins to 45 mins at 180 degree Celsius 180摄氏,烤40 到 45 分钟
  3. after baked, top with chicken floss and seaweed, sprinkle with some sesame 然后,再铺上紫菜,鸡丝,撒一些芝麻

the result is acceptable, some saltiness found in a sweet dessert. i think many love chicken floss.
味道不错,甜品带点咸味, 我想喜欢鸡丝的不少。

it's a truly simple recipe, just top with something you like

Saturday 3 April 2010

milk pesto macaroni | 奶油香草通粉

learn a new recipe today, pesto pasta but with milk added, thus i named it milk pesto. I'm curious about taste when I saw milk is used for pesto, usually pesto sauce is just nuts, garlic, herbs and olive oil.


let's see what's for the recipe    看一看材料

Ingredients | 料

1 small onion | 1 个小洋葱
1 cup skim milk | 一杯脱脂牛奶
1 cup chicken stock | 一杯鸡浓汤
2 slices luncheon meat (original recipe is bacon) | 2 片午餐肉 (食谱用培肯)
salt and black pepper | 盐和黑胡椒
1/2 bowl elbow macaroni | 半碗通心粉

pesto sauce | 香草酱
1/2 cup parsley | 1/2 杯芫茜
1 tbsp basil | 1 汤匙羅勒
2 clove garlic | 2 瓣蒜
1 tbsp almond (pine nuts on recipe) | 1 汤匙杏仁
2 tbsp olive oil | 2 汤匙橄榄油
Parmesan cheese | 帕瑪森起司粉

To make pesto sauce, just blend all ingredients together with blender.

Procedures | 步

  1. Chop the luncheon, onions. 把午餐肉,小洋葱切碎
  2. Fry the luncheon in a large pan (enough for macoroni). 先把午餐肉小洋葱炒(用个大的平底锅)
  3. then add in onions and cook for another 10 minutes. 放进小洋葱,煮十分钟
  4. Add in stock and milk, simmer for 10 minutes. 加入鸡汤和脱脂牛奶, 煮十分钟
  5. after that, add in macaroni and simmer for further 10-15 minutes or till cooked. 放入通心粉,煮熟,大概十到十五分钟
  6. lastly add in pesto sauce.最后, 放入香草酱
[source: TOM BRIDGE, 1998. Potato & Parsley Soup with Pesto, What's Cooking , Pasta]


the recepi had been motified due to ingredient availablility, portion and own preference.

is it better cook the pasta seperately before, half cooked paste would be nice.


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