Thursday 24 April 2014

Pulp, KL

Pulp by Papa Palheta (M) Sdn Bhd. Its in the Royal Press company (an old printing company, year 1938) compound, in front of its building.
Papa Palheta is a company which supply speciality coffee, and sell equipments or tools which for coffee. As you may see there's display behind its counter.

Pulp (PapaPalheta 开办)就在洛阳印务局(1938 年份)范围里,在办事楼前。PapaaPalheta 本提供咖啡豆,一些咖啡用具,所以在柜台后面,你会看见些陈列品。

Plain Scone RM5.00

 Carrot Cake RM12.00

Sorry, the slide of cake been eaten half before I able to capture, as its too tempting for us. A nice piece of carrot cake, with cream cheese frosting and layered, cake is moist, bites of pineapple, shredded carrot, nuts.


Chicken Pie RM12.00

Pumpkin Rice Kueh RM5.00

Coconut milk found in the rice Kueh, local taste Kueh added with pumpkin.


 Speciality will be served as showed. Hand brew is RM12. Total of four : Suke Quto, La Capula, Blue Batak, La Flor del Cafe.Speciality coffee menu will change from time to time. There's descriptions on taste note of those on its board which place at the bar. Besides that, they serve cold drip coffee on Suke Quto. Personally prefer La Capula as it has full body, balanced and strong aftertaste. If you prefer acidity and fruity taste, Suke Quto is your choice. Barista will explain to you on the taste and the brewing method.

精品咖啡,价格为RM12(手泡)。这有四种:Suke Quto, La Capula,Blue Batak, Lan Flor del Cafe. 精品咖啡菜单会随季节而更改。各咖啡的描述在咖啡柜台上。这冰酿咖啡是用SukeQuto。我爱La Capula,口感浓,平衡,余韵浓,我的口味。咖啡师很乐意为你解释各咖啡的口感和冲泡式。

This was fun, they printed some little note paper for you to record the taste of your cup of coffee.

Latte RM10.00

On the espresso based coffee menu, here provide two types of bean, you may choose based on your taste preferred. The latte is quite silk smooth.


Papa Palheta (M) Sdn Bhd
29-01, Jalan Riong
59100 Kuala Lumpur


Wednesday 23 April 2014

Kaffa espresso bar, Damansara Utama

Kaffa Espresso Bar at Damansara Utama with its sign board " Good Coffee- here".

在 Damansara Utama 的 Kaffa Espresso Bar,"好咖啡在此”。 

Cafe Latte RM 10.00 & Long Black RM8.00

Cafe Latte, not bad for the ratio of coffee and milk. Long black more on acidity taste with bitterness.

Latte ,咖啡与奶的对比不错。黑咖啡偏酸,带苦。

Big Bites All-Day Long Breakfast RM 19.90

Big bites with brown button mushroom, half grilled/ pan fried tomato, scramble egg, one chicken sausage, ham, one round wholemeal bun and a hash brown. Surprisingly, hash brown serve here is not at all.  


**all item subjected to government tax and service charge 


97, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,


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