Thursday 11 June 2009

think of asspit

mak^3:" u very gerli. asspit u also can think of "

caffeine:" it just cross my mind during that moment "

mak^3:" i think becoz u hav an ass mind full of shit "

mak^3:" can u imagine u stuff ur head with ur ass? "

caffeine:" ...... "

mak^3:" whenever u talk and think, the shit will come out "

mak^3:" gerli. u think that. u gerli. ASSPIT "

caffeine: (u think that, not me. u gerli, shit u)

mak^3:" if u think hard then the shit coming out from ur ass is hard. "

mak^3:" if u tihnk lousy thing then soft one out "

caffeine:" that's y ppl use to have constipation "

heaven and hell

Here come *&^%$#%^ Thursday......

caffeine: " i think i'm going die....for the day..... "

mak^3:" i think i should send you to tanjung rambutan "

caffeine:" yes, u r rite "

mak^3:" drag me to hell...... "

caffeine:" to hell? i think i will go n knock on heaven's door 1st, giv it a try "

mak^3:" u ask bon jovi and avril lavigne knock with you

Tuesday 9 June 2009


Another %^&*(@#^> Tuesday,

mak^3: " die"

caffeine:" 死,你去死吧!,你去吧!去吧! "

mak^3:" together we go "

Monday 8 June 2009

ass pit

On a very *&&^%$##% Monday......

mak^3: " u say i go. go up the knife hill, go down the oil wok."

caffeine: "good brother. I love you."

caffeine: "good brother, up knife hill, down oil wok. and two knives in kertiak."

mak^3: "kertiak. classic word."

caffeine: " english call wht?"

mak^3: "armpit. under ur arm there's a pit so called armpit."

caffeine: "pit?"

mak^3: "pit is like a place/hole."

caffeine: " ass pit?"

mak^3: "......"

Saturday 6 June 2009




Bruschetta with tomato topping

French loaf 法国面包
Garlic butter 蒜米牛油

Topping: 馅:
Tomato 红茄子
Extra virgin olive oil 橄榄油
Onion 洋葱
Parsley 芫茜

  1. Spread garlic butter on sliced French loaf and put in oven for 5 to 10 minutes at moderate heat. 法国面包切片,涂上蒜米牛油。烘五至十分钟。
  2. Cut tomato, onion and parsley into small pieces. Mix in extra virgin olive oil and salt. 将茄子,洋葱,芫茜切细。加入橄榄油,盐,拌一拌
  3. Place topping on the garlic toast. 然后,将材料放在蒜米吐司。
  4. Enjoy your Bruschetta. Bruschetta 完成!

Tuesday 2 June 2009


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