Monday 28 September 2009

Noodle with Tomato sauce 。蕃茄酱面

...Lunch of the day...今日午餐...

Ingredients | 料
  • sliced pork | 猪肉片
  • salt &  black pepper | 盐 & 黑胡椒
  • fresh tomato (cubes) | 蕃茄(方块) 
  • onion (sliced) | 洋葱 (切片)
  • garlic  (finely chopped) | 蒜茸
  • tomato paste | 蕃茄酱
  • english parsley (finely chopped) | 西洋芫茜
  • basil | 九层塔
  • olive oil | 橄榄油
  • noodle | 面

  Procedures | 步骤
  1. marinate pork with some salt and black pepper. 用盐& 黑胡椒腌猪肉片
  2. Add some oilive oil to the pan and heat. 橄榄油加入锅里,烧热。
  3. Add in onion, stir fry few minutes. Then add in garlic, pork, fresh tomato and tomato paste. 加进洋葱,炒一炒。然后加入蒜茸,猪肉片,蕃茄,蕃茄酱。
  4. If you find it too thick, add in some water. 如太稠,加些水。
  5. Cook it till boil and pork is cooked, finally add in salt, parsley and basil. 煮熟后,放些盐,九层塔,芫茜。
  6. Pour the sauce over cooked noodle. Done! 把酱倒在面上,可吃了!
P/S  Add in herbs that you like, italians herbs or chinese parsley, or any others. Add in some parmesan cheese to add some flavour. 选你爱的香料,意大利香料,芫茜或其它。加点意大利干酪,也不错。

Noodle with M&M 。肉菇豆签

Thank you for brought me the bean noodle from Melaka, it was delicious.

Ingredients | 料

  • mushroom | 香菇
  • minced meat | 肉碎
  • chopped garlic | 蒜茸
  • sliced onion | 洋葱切片
  • italians herbs | 意大利香料
  • egg | 蛋
  • bean noodle | 粗豆签
  • salt | 盐
  • black pepper | 黑胡椒

Procedures | 步骤
  1. Cook the noodle and set aside. 先把豆签煮熟。
  2. heat oil on pan, add in onion and stir fry it. then add garlic and minced meat. Add some water and stir fry. 把油加热,加入洋葱,炒一炒。然后放进蒜茸和肉碎。加点水炒一炒。
  3. when minced is cooked, add in noodle, follow by salt and black pepper. 当肉熟了,放进豆签,黑胡椒,盐。
  4. stir fry for some minutes then add in egg. 把面炒一会儿,加蛋再炒。
  5. Finally add in herbs and ready to be served. 最后放些意大利香料,可以吃了!

Sunday 27 September 2009

pizza bread。比萨包

Today, i found some sandwish which nearly expired. Not to waste it, so i decided to put some pizza topping. A simple and nice lunch. Most of the ingredients used are home stock. I found tomato, tomato paste, garlic, onion, english parsley in the house. I just brough slice cheddar and meat. That's all i need for this simple recipi.


  1. Mix tomato paste with chopped garlic and heat it for few minutes. 将蒜茸加入蕃茄酱,加热。
  2. stir fried minced meat. 把肉碎煮熟。
  3. Spread butter on the bread and toast it on a pan. 面包涂上牛油,煎一煎。
  4. Allowed the bread to cool before spread on tomato paste. 待冷了,抹上蕃茄酱。
  5. then top with minced meat, sliced tomato and onion. Lastly, cover up with slice of cheddar and some parsley (chopped). 再放蕃茄,洋葱,肉碎。最后,放一片切德干酪,芫茜。
  6. bake it in the oven for 5 minutes at 200 degree Celsius. Done. 放进烤炉,5 分钟,200摄氏。完成!
P/S use bacon instead of minced meat, it will give you more flavour and taste. 爱重口味,改放倍肯。

Friday 25 September 2009

think again 。想一想


Think again after you watch the clip.


Tuesday 15 September 2009

Fruit tart 水果塔

Base 塔低 :
flour   面粉   200g
unsalted butter   无盐牛油   113g
salt     盐        2g
sugar  砂糖    50g
egg     蛋       1 (A)

  1. Beat the butter together with the sugar till fluffy then add in egg. Beat until well mixed. 将牛油和糖打滑, 加入蛋。打至全部材料混和。
  2. Add in shifted flour and salt into the mixture. Beat it in low speed until dough form. Do not use high speed or long itme beating for the base will become hard after bake. 加入面粉和盐。用低速度打成面团。不要用高速或打太久,不然饼会变硬。
  3. put the dough into the fridge about 20 minutes in order to allowed it to become firm and easy to mould. 把面团放进冰箱, 二十分钟, 让它不那么软,容易模型。
  4. mould it and trim the excess. bake under 200 C, about 15 to 20 minutes or crust become light brown. (Time of baking depend on the size and oven type). 然后,将面团放进模型,切去多余的。放进烤炉,200 摄氏,15 到 20 分钟,金黄色就行了。(烤的时间在于饼的大小和烤炉)

Custard 吉士馅
Skim milk 脱脂牛奶   300ml
yolk 蛋黄  3 (A)
sugar  糖  50g
flour   面粉  20g
cornstarch 玉蜀黍粉   20g
vanilla flavour 香草精

  1. mix sugar and egg, add in warm skim milk and heat up using medium heat. whisk constantly to avoid curdling. When all sugar melts and wellmixed, it;s done. If found curd, strain it. 将蛋和糖混和,加入温热的脱脂牛奶,加热,不停搅,不让会凝固。糖溶了,就可以啦。可以过滤,如有凝固物。
  2. Now, add in sifted flour and corn starch. Whisk it till it become thick, remove from heat and add in vanilla flavour. 加入面粉和玉蜀黍粉。当变稠了,关火,加入香草精。
Apricot glaze 杏桃果醬装饰
heat 125g apricot until melt, go through strainer。 把125g 杏桃果醬加热至溶,然后过滤。

Tart 塔
put or pipe the custard in to the crust. then top with your flavorite fruit or topping. Done! 把馅放入垯低,铺上喜爱的水果。涂上酱杏桃果醬。功成!

[source: Joy of baking.com]

P/S the little tart brighten me up for another boring day today although the decorations not nice but taste good. I'm quite satisfied for it's my first time. Thank you for the recepi. 这小小的水果塔,让我纳闷的一天有了丝丝的光彩,虽然不美,但好吃,这是第一次,我。。。满意!!!谢谢食谱。

Monday 14 September 2009

Richest Day

caffeine: How was your day?

somebody: morning wake up as usual, have bfast with dad. Than prepare goto kl alone. This time i feel quite lonely.b4 lunch,my customer confirm to meet at 4 at mid valley. Gosh! I hate the parking,but no choice,sure i say that is a nice place to meet. After a tasteless chicken rice lunch,i goto mamak store,to hav a cup of nescafe tarik,hmm, not bad-at least. To b continue...

Part 2, after tht hav a slow ride to kl since i still hav alot of time. After i reach mid valley, meet my blove customer, present it n hopefully i can sign at least 8 cases,it sounds everythg is positive,but like wat we always love to say, once havent sign i remain calmly.the customer is my schoolmate,i got to say she change alot since the day we left school,i never thought she is so capable,now running the whole company set up in malaysia, it is previously run in singapore.not bad. After tht,i goto pass a query to a customer, wat a hack,ask me to arrive at 5 somethg to 6. I reach there around 5.38,he left.dun play play lah, petrol is be continue...

Part 3, than i straightaway make a phone call, as usual the customer love the tone 'the call u make is directed to a voice message'. Wat lah,i decided to give him some grace period,ok until 6,i told myself. Than i try to keep calm, listen to emil,so nice the song, at least it cool me down,n i cant ctrl myself to sms my darling tell her how i enjoy it. Than, it is 6, i'm quite relieve, it is bcoz i dun hav to wait anymore. Let me aeroplane, next time u call me i dun wan to answer for 5 seconds! Sigh, see people expression to find money is like tht. After tht, i take another slow ride back to PJ. This time i dun need to purposely slow it coz the traffic is damn jam, buka puasa mah,i know! To be continue...

Part 4, after reaching PJ, i stop at the tropicana city. Since i have 2 more hours to meet another customer, i decided to walk around, saw sorella,not attracted at all. Than goto c some books in border.saw dan brown poster,new book about to pre-order. He is so famous,like jay chou! After the 2 hours lepak,now i'm waiting for another customer to arrive. That will sum up my day,i suppose. I think today is the most hardworking day in 2009. Hehe..

P/S today, i earned alot, i am rich today. For....i just ask a 4 words question but in return a essay answer. No wonder he got a better grade than me. Anyway, thank you for the essay. It was useful for another boring day today, at least some bull shits....

Tuesday 8 September 2009

The House of Small Cubes

Japan Media Arts Festival 12th
Title: The House of small cubes
Artist: Kato Kunio
Grand Prize

For a 12 minutes animation, few drops of tear. Simple, touching story line. What is life? Life just a thing that full of memories? I always imagine that i would have a life just like the animation. Family, friends, all gone, living alone in the old house which full of memories.

P/S Think of global warming when see the house covered by water. Is it another message from the artist?


P/S 看到屋子沿了,即然想到全球暖化的后果,不知制作人是否在传达这讯息。

Sunday 6 September 2009

blueberry cheesecake 。蓝莓芝士蛋糕

digestive biscuit          150g                           消化饼
butter                         50g                             牛油

cream cheese             300g                            奶油奶酪
egg yolk                     4                                  蛋黄 
caster sugar                75g                              细白砂糖
lemon juice                 15ml                            柠檬汁                 
gelatin                         13g                             明胶粉
hot water                    60g                             热水          
whipped cream           100g                           掼奶油        
blueberry pie filling      as u like/ 份量喜爱     蓝莓馅

  1. crush the digestive biscuit and mixed with melted butter, mould with 8'in pan. Put in the refridgerator.
  2. Let the creamcheese soften after take out from the fridge.
  3. Put in creamcheese, sugar and egg yolks into a mizing bowl, beat until smooth.
  4. Dissolve gelatine with hot water.
  5. After that, add gelatine and lemon juice into the cheese batter and mix well.
  6. Then fold in cheese batter into whipped cream.
  7. Pour half of the batter into the pan biscu, then spread bluberry evernly on.
  8. Pour the reaminng batter in, and spread blueberry evenly on the surface.
  9. Put in the fridge for 2 hours to allowed the cake to set.
P/S To cut a cheesecake, prepare bowl of warm water. Dip in the knife and wipe dry. Or wipe the knife with warm cloth. So that, the cake wouldn't stick on the knife and clear cut.

  1. 将消化饼压碎,加入牛油(溶)。把饼碎在8寸的盘里压,放进冰箱。
  2. 把奶油奶酪(软),糖,蛋黄打滑。
  3. 用热水将明胶粉溶化。
  4. 明胶,柠檬汁加进奶酪糊里。
  5. 然后,将奶酪拌入掼奶油 (摺疊)。
  6. 将一半的奶酪糊倒入饼低上,抹上蓝莓馅。
  7. 再倒入剩余的,抹上蓝莓馅。冷冻两小时,即可拿出。
P/S 切芝士蛋糕时,准备一碗温水,把刀浸在水里然后抹干。或用暖暖的布把刀抹。这样,芝士蛋糕才不会粘刀,切口也好看。

Bigger thighs are better for health

[source: Bigger thighs are better for health, 4th Sept. 2009.]

Men and women with large thighs have a lower risk of premature death and heart disease, a study has shown.Skip related content


Bigger thighs are better for health
People whose thighs measure at least 23.6in (60cm) in circumference were less likely to develop heart disease or die early, a 12-year study of almost 3,000 men and women in Denmark found.
Professor Berit Heitmann said thigh size could be used by GPs as "an early marker to identify patients at later risk of cardiovascular diseaseand early mortality".
"A small thigh circumference was associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular and coronary heart diseases and total mortality in both men and women," he said.
"A threshold effect for thigh circumference was evident, with greatly increased risk of premature death below around 60cm."
He added: "The fact that more than half of the men and women aged 35-65 have thigh circumference below the threshold is worrying."
The Monica (monitoring trends in and determinants of cardiovascular disease) project, published online on, found there was no added protective effect for people with thighs in excess of 60cm.
Body fat and other high risk factors such as smoking and high cholesterol were taken into account by the study.
Prof Heitmann, director of the research unit for dietary studies at Copenhagen University Hospital, said: "The adverse effects of small thighs might be related to too little muscle mass in the region."

Wednesday 2 September 2009


现实教你要好好读书, 升上大学,然后坐着工作

P/S 我可以不对现实低头吗?有勇气吗?

Tuesday 1 September 2009

诊所一游。 Visit to the clinic


fluid was non stop discharge from the nose, so i decided to visit clinic. The ticket cost RM35. The return is types of medicine and some advice from pretty doctor. I feel happy and young after visited, because she thought i'm stil a student..a student...hehe...I;m young!!! go to sleep now, those medicine always ask people to sleep


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