Thursday 11 June 2009

think of asspit

mak^3:" u very gerli. asspit u also can think of "

caffeine:" it just cross my mind during that moment "

mak^3:" i think becoz u hav an ass mind full of shit "

mak^3:" can u imagine u stuff ur head with ur ass? "

caffeine:" ...... "

mak^3:" whenever u talk and think, the shit will come out "

mak^3:" gerli. u think that. u gerli. ASSPIT "

caffeine: (u think that, not me. u gerli, shit u)

mak^3:" if u think hard then the shit coming out from ur ass is hard. "

mak^3:" if u tihnk lousy thing then soft one out "

caffeine:" that's y ppl use to have constipation "

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