Sunday 10 October 2010

stuffed chicken once again | 烤鸡

Make this on last Christmas, quite like it thus make it again for I can't wait for Christmas. ingredients are simple, cut all (carrot, celery, sausage, onion, garlic, mushroom)  in cube except for potato. Mix all together and add some salt and pepper.

上圣诞弄过,蛮喜欢,不能等到圣诞了,现在就想吃。材料很简单, 红罗卜,西芹,香肠,洋葱,蒜头,冬菇,全部切粒。还有小马铃薯,黑胡椒,盐,柠檬汁,鸡上汤,一只鸡,百里香

rub chicken with lemon juice, so do the cavity. then sprinkling black pepper, salt, rosemary, do not forget the cavity too.  after that, stuff the chicken cavity with those ingredients (carrot, celery, sausage, onion, garlic, mushroom). Cover and refrigerate overnight. after marinate, rub the chicken all over the outside with butter. Then, cover up with aluminium foil. 


bake it in the oven for 45 hour at 200 degree Celsius. Remove the aluminium, put potato at side and roast. Spoon the broth over the chicken during roasting period. Properly will need about 1 and half cups of stock. half cup at the beginning and remaining for every 20 minutes. The chicken is cooked when a fork can go in to the bone


source: Joe Famularo. Christmas Capon with Condiment from Cremona, pg 33. Taste of Italia, holiday 2004.

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Zoe said...

This stuffed chicken dish looks nice and easy...will try to cook this one day. Thanks for sharing.


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