Tuesday 28 June 2011

Apple Jam | 萍果酱

fill my Sunday with apples

9 apples

keep cores and skin, cut the edible part into small chunks

then place cores and skin inti the pot, pour in water just enough to cover cores and skin, cook to extract the pectin. After cooking, remove cores and skins, add in apple.


when apple become soft and tender, add in 150g sugar and cinnamon. Cook until all sugar melted and when it's thicken, add in juice of one medium lemon. After that add in 2 teaspoon starch (dissolve in cool water first)

当果肉软了,加进150g 糖和肉桂皮。当糖溶了,稠度有有了,加入一粒柠檬汁。然后,加两茶匙藕粉 (先溶于水)。

when starch gelatinized, then can pour in the sterilized bottle. remember hot filling to extend the shelf life.

sterilize bottle and cap, like what you did to milk milk bottle. When the bottle is dry, put the empty bottle in hot water (avoid any water go into it, please lower the hot water level), then pour in the jam, leave a inch head space, tighten the cap, and turn upside. This is to sterilize the cap and vacuum. 

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