Wednesday 1 April 2009

愚人节 April Fool

今天是愚人节,上班不久,坐在隔壁的美女就被作弄了,哈哈!我也差一点就 “蕉-ed”。




Today is April Fool. Early in the morning, colleague received a call , and be fooled, haha! ...and me..almost be the next target...hehe

For the past 25 years, I just 'participate' for once, April Fool. It was quite silly. We wrote a love letter to a classmate, till the end of the day, she didn't find out who did this. I feel very regret for did not come out a better idea to fool her. haha :P 

I never been fool on April Fool. The cause is I'm that 'unnoticed' to others, which is what i trying to do all the time during school days. 

By the way, today is one of my friend's birthday. Happy April Fool, and Happy Birthday. You are funny anyway....

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