Tuesday 21 July 2009

pork omellete burger!! 小猪堡

Lunch of The Day.....pork omellete burger!!!

Ingredients: Wholemeal burger bun, egg, minced meat (with parsley, black pepper, & paprika), tomato, cucumber and one box

材料:麦面包,蛋,猪肉碎 (加入芫茜,黑胡椒,甜椒粉),蕃茄,黄瓜和饭盒

1. Mix minced meat with chopped parsley, paprika, black pepper. Then stir fried. 猪肉碎加入芫茜,黑胡椒,甜椒粉,炒一炒。

2. Add in egg. Fried it. Omellete done. 加入蛋,煎熟。

3. Cut the omellete into size to fit in the bun. Add in sliced tomato and cucumber too. Put some chili sauce or tomato sauce as u like. 把煎蛋切成面包的大小。然后,把煎蛋,蕃茄片,黄瓜片,夹进面包里。随你喜爱,加点蕃茄酱或辣椒酱。

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