Sunday 8 November 2009

Happy Cake。哈哈蛋糕

Pistachio, my love. Hope this little bite will bright up your day.

Ingredients | 料

225g butter | 牛油
225g all purpose flour | 面粉
200g sugar | 糖
4 eggs | 蛋
50g pistachio (powder form) | 开心果粉末
60g pistachio (chopped) | 开心果(切小)
50g skim milk | 无脂牛奶
vanilla flavoring | 香草精

Procedures | 步

  1. Beat butter and sugar until ligth and fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time and beating well before next addtion.. 将牛油与糖打起,加入一颗鸡蛋,搅至混和后才加另一颗。
  2. Add in flour and baking powder alternately with milk.加入面粉和牛奶,轮流地加入。
  3. After that, add in pistachio powder and one teaspoon vanilla. 然后放入开心果粉末和一茶匙香草精。
  4. Pour the batter in bakaing pan. Then cover the surface with chopped pistachio. 将面浆倒入烘焙盘,洒上切好的开心果。
  5. Bake for 35 to 45 minnutes at 180 degree celcius.  烤 35 到 45 分钟。

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