Wednesday 18 November 2009

Yong He Eating House。永和豆浆

Yong He Eating House mostly serve Taiwanese food. There's Yong He in Taiwan too and is famous for its soya drinks and you tiao. Do they related? Overall, the food is not bad, nice to have tea time here.


Yong He Eating house /Bandar Medan Baru Ipoh

salty soya milk with you tiew | 咸豆浆+ 油条
(some curd was formed due to the adding of pickled vegetables。有点凝乳可能是因为有腌菜)

Pan Fried Buns (curry chicken) | 水煎包 (咖哩鸡)

Rice + Soya Milk | 米豆浆

bean sprout crepe | 豆芽煎饼
(something like roti canai wrapped bean sprout 。 好像印度煎饼包豆芽)

egg crepe | 蛋煎饼

饭团类 | Various Compressed Glutinous Rice

普通(榨菜和肉丝) | Regular with pickled vegetables and pork floss

猪扒饭团 | with Pork

火腿饭团 | with Ham

P/S I found Compressed Glutinous Rice is what I like from the menu .菜单上的饭团是我爱的

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