Sunday 11 April 2010

Seaweed chicken floss | 紫菜鸡丝

let's try something new today
Seaweed chicken floss cake | 紫菜鸡丝蛋糕
ingredients | 料
chicken floss 鸡丝
seaweed 紫菜
sesame 芝麻

  1. fill half of the cup with batter, fill another half with batter which mix with some chicken floss and seaweed (both are in small pieces) . 倒半杯面糊,再倒入另半,是加了紫菜和鸡丝 (碎)
  2. bake for 40 mins to 45 mins at 180 degree Celsius 180摄氏,烤40 到 45 分钟
  3. after baked, top with chicken floss and seaweed, sprinkle with some sesame 然后,再铺上紫菜,鸡丝,撒一些芝麻

the result is acceptable, some saltiness found in a sweet dessert. i think many love chicken floss.
味道不错,甜品带点咸味, 我想喜欢鸡丝的不少。

it's a truly simple recipe, just top with something you like

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