Sunday 13 June 2010

Berlin's Bier Houz | 柏林啤酒屋

Nice environment for dining or drink, service is good too. One thing to complaint is table is too small to have dinner. 

orange, guava, mix fruit- flavour food juice with the price of RM7.90, profit margin too high ( no even Twister or Peel Fresh product)

一杯水果味的水RM7.90,太贵了 (不是什么Twister 或Peel Fresh 果汁)

Franziskaner Weissber 1/2 pint RM14.00

type of light beer, not bitter at all. It's suit me for i do not like the bitterness of beer.  There are various type of beer and liquor serve here, mocktail & cocktail too.


Irish Coffee RM 12.00

Pork Spare Ribs Special RM25.80 特式猪排

Nothing special about this. The sauce is tomato taste, and not match with the ribs. 


German pork knuckle RM43.80 德国猪手

Taste like Chinese roast pork but not tasty as. It got bit unpleasant meat smell which I sensitive on. What is nice about this dish, is the gravy, really nice.


Spicy Vongole Fettuccini RM25.80 螺肉宽意粉

Some clam meat, spicy taste pasta. Not much clam meat can find but bell pepper. It more like a bell pepper pasta. Overall is acceptable.

虽然螺肉蛮少,但灯笼椒不少, 比较象甜椒意粉。 无论如何,它的味道还可以,不会难吃。

German Sausage Platter RM25.80 德国香肠

Three different type of sausage, taste not bad but I can't sense differentiate besides one got black pepper taste, one is more salty than others. Some dissapointment.


Mushroom Soup RM7.00 蘑菇汤

Not a regular creamy muchroom soup. I think it made by using fresh mushroom. The problem is it too thick and some cannot accept the taste of fresh mushroom. I think something need to be done to reduces that raw taste of the mushroom.


German Lentil Soup RM7.00 德国扁豆汤

The soup is alright but it's too simple to match with RM7.00. I expect more ingredients can be found in the soup with that price.


Bistecca Fiorentina RM35.80 牛扒

Nothing special on the steak, neither good or bad. Meat is tender and juicy. 


Grilled Bellpepper Pork Chop RM25.80 灯笼椒猪扒

Full of tomato taste, something like sweet &sour pork chop. The sauce doesn't go every well with the pork. With the name of bell pepper, I thought it will having some bell pepper flavour on it. 


Pasta Alla Carbonara RM15.80 奶油意粉

Found out that they like to use bell pepper with pasta. Carbonara served here is good, creamy and cheesy. You can find mushroom, yellow, green, red bell pepper, bacon, herbs, cheese, butter.


service charge 10%  小费

12, Ground Floor, Persiaran Greentown 4, Greentown Business Centre, 30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Tel.: 05 - 241 8118

Business hours:
Mon - Thurs:11:30 am - 12:30 am
Fri - Sat:11:30 am - 1:30 am
Sun:11:30 am - 12:30 am

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