Sunday 13 June 2010

rice dumpling 粽子

Duan Wu is coming soon, time for rice dumpling. This is the first time I make this from the preparation to the end. Thank you lady boss.

Ingredients preparation | 料

  1. dry shrimp - wash it
  2. mushroom and pork - added with five spices powder, salt, dark soya sauce, light soya sauce, oyster sauce, some starch. then marinate for few hours, and stir fried till half cooked. 
  3. green bean - soak and drain off the water. Then add in some salt and oil.
  4. glutinous rice - soak for 6 hours. drained and stir fry with some salt and oil.
  5. black eye pea - cook by boiling in water
  6. chestnut - fresh chestnut is used instead of dried one.
  7. bamboo leaf & straw- soak in water (some lye water added to make the leaf soften) till soft. then raise with clean water

  1. 虾米-洗干净
  2. 香菇猪肉- 用五香粉,盐,黑酱油,酱清,蚝油,生粉腌制几小时。然后爆香就可以,半熟就好。
  3. 绿豆- 浸泡后,加油和盐
  4. 糯米- 浸泡六小时后,用油和盐爆香
  5. 眉豆- 煮熟
  6. 栗子- 选用生栗子
  7. 粽子叶和水草- 加点碱水在水里,浸泡至软,然后洗干清

fold the bamboo leaf like this

put rice at the bottom

then green bean

following by others ingredients

rice again, press it firmly

then wrap like this using straw

boil it for 3 hours, remember to add some salt to the water

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