Saturday 31 July 2010

stir fried pork with capsicum | 灯笼椒炒猪肉


1. saute garlic then add in pork strips
2. cook for while before add in sauce (1 tbls light soy sauce + 2 tbls water + 1 tsp sesame oil + pinch of salt ) *adjust as desire
3. after that, add in remaining ingredients and stir fried until cooked
4. lastly, put some starch for gravy thickening

1. 先炒香蒜茸,然后放进猪肉。
2. 炒一炒后,加汁(1 汤匙酱清,2汤匙水,1茶匙麻油,少许盐)*以自己的口味调制
3. 之后,放进其它材料,炒一炒
4. 全都熟了,就勾芡

Ingredient: yellow capsicum, black fungus, garlic, doubu and pork strips

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