Saturday 17 July 2010

Strawberry Moment, Cameron Highland | 草莓时刻,金马伦

Opening soon at De Garden Ipoh on July 2010

即将在怡保 De Garden 开张,七月份

Like it's shop name Strawberry Moment, most of the dessert and drink related to strawberry


ice blended coffee RM4.90 冰沙咖啡, strawberry milkshake RM10.90 草莓奶昔

ice blended coffee taste more like coffee flavour ice blended milkshake. Lack of coffee taste and full of cream taste. 


strawberry salad RM 8.90 草莓沙拉

 raisin at the top, then is strawberries and few cherry tomatoes, under strawberries is coleslaw. I found it just a normal vege salad. portion of coleslaw is more than strawberries, it should just call salad.


crepe with strawberries and chocolate sauce RM12.90

chocolate and strawberry always is a great combination but sadly the chocolate sauce used is not nice and spoil the dish. The chocolate sauce has obvious artificial smelling and flavour. Moreover, the crepe is oily and soggy too.

Trio yogurt RM 9.90 酸奶三重奏

nice presentation and lovely colour which drive up your appetite. bottom fill with fruit puree and top with yogurt. from left to right, strawberry, marmalade, blueberry. I expect they will used fresh fruit puree since they have abundant of fresh strawberry stock around, but after tasting it, it just some ordinary fruit jam which content chemical taste at the bottom, not even canned fruit.


Strawberry Strudel RM 7.50 (single portion) 草莓酥卷(一人份)

strawberry strudel is the representative of the shop, 2 different portion, 1 portion or 4.  The pastry is nice but not crispy anymore due to it's a ready to serve dessert on the shelve. Once again, it's another simple and nice garnished dish of the shop. In between the pastry are strawberry and fresh cream. The overall taste is bit too light due to the fresh cream not creamy enough and the pastry lack of some buttery taste.


Cake are available too, but we are full to try now. Besides dessert, they served some snack and western food too.


Stawberry Moment
23-24, Jalan Angsana Satu, Brinchang Point,
39100, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia
contact no : 6 05 - 491 2061
fax no : 6 05 - 4981 982
web :
email :

operating hour
Sunday - Thursday 10am - 7pm
Friday - Saturday 10am - 10pm
Public & School Holiday 10am - 10pm

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