Wednesday 11 August 2010

Seed of common sterculia| 凤眼果

I love have this since small, it's texture like chestnut, carbo food always give you the nice sweetness, colour like egg yolk, and it wearing lot of cloths too.

usually will cooked with salt water, and eat. Did you try it before? I've wonder what is it, crawling on the web and found out that the seed is used to make soup with chicken which good for the stomach. Besides that, it also used as tranditional medicine to certain sickness. It able to help in reduce body heat and kill paracites in stomach too. The hull also use as natural remedies too.




Read more  如想知道更多:

let's begin  开始了 

one layer off ...剥了外壳


another layer...还有

another layer...另一层

another one...再来一层

finally it go naked  裸了

1 comment:

Franny Fong said...

My family members lov to eat this also... but it so hard to get it in ipoh nowadays..
my mother usually to add it into red bean tong sui~! it really yummy...


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