Sunday 31 October 2010

Pandan cube | 班兰方块

picked some pandan leaves from the garden and make some small pandan cake
 colour quite dull due to no colouring was used
add some love before sending out

filling - 9 inch round cake
馅 - 9 寸圆蛋糕

pandan juice   100 ml   班兰叶汁
coconut milk   400 ml   椰奶
water   100ml   水
starch   85g   淀粉(土豆粉)
jelly powder 1 tbsp   果冻粉
sugar 120g   糖

  1. first mix pandan juice, water, starch and jelly powder together in a pot
  2. then add in coconut milk and sugar
  3. bring pot to the heat, cook until sugar dissolved and thicken
  4. do not boil and stir constantly throughout the heating
  5. keep in the fridge for setting after assembled with cake
  1. 将班兰叶汁, 水, 淀粉, 果冻粉搅拌
  2. 然后把所有材料倒入锅里,加热
  3. 所有材料溶了,起芡了,发稠,就行了
  4. 煮时,记得不时搅拌。不要沸腾,温火就好。
  5. 埔上蛋糕后,放入冰箱,让它凝固 


k said...

Remember to reserve some for me!

咖啡欣。caffeine said...

please make a order


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