Saturday 15 August 2009

coffee cheese cake 咖啡猪屎

start from.... 开始。。。

first, prepared the base. pour melted butter into grinded digestive biscuit and flatten it in a cake pan, do not over pressed, to avoid it be too hard.

melt coffee and gelatin using hot water. beat yolks, sugar, cream cheese togather till smooth, set aside. whipped fresh cream till stiff. after that, fold in the batter into whipped cream.
用热水将咖啡和鱼胶粉一起溶。将蛋黄,糖,芝士打至滑,加入咖啡, 放一旁。把奶油打起,然后倒如芝士,拌匀。

finally, pour the batter into the pan (with biscuit base) and chill for 2 hours to allowed it set. 最后,倒入盘里,冷藏两小时。

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