Thursday 27 August 2009

这个女人 The woman

first day, the woman say:" We go to your house, and watch tv programme on Monday evening?"

"should be okay."

second day, the woman say:"How about we go to the book fair on Monday?"


third day, the woman say:" I think don''t go to book fair, lack of vitamin M."

"alright. I have others plan too."

第四日,这个女人说 “星期一,还要去书展吗?”
fourth day, the woman say:" Do you want to go book fair on Monday?"


P/S 你(这个女人),扭扭拎,打你的股啊!女人是否就是那样的?应该吧! 我有一点,比这个女人好一点。哈哈哈!
Is it woman born with this kind of personality? i think yes. I'm kind of, a little, only little bit. Better than the woman. HA HA HA!

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