Tuesday 18 August 2009

mugwort 斑叶艾蒿

Dear spunkz,

Mugwort is kind of herbs. It believed can relief menstrual pain. Its has long history in medication. I love this herbs very much. I try to search it when I was stay in connought last time, but pasar malam do not know what is it. I used buy it in ipoh. we called it '艾'.

Actually, the original recipe is suggest to use tarragon, but i totally do not know what is it. Then i search it on the web. Finally i know that tarragon is same genus with mugwort, and my house got it so i try it. From the book, tarragon (from French) is very strong taste and aroma. It usually use to make sauce.

Using mugwort, the outcome is- the aroma and taste not very strong (maybe i didn't add enough). By the way, I think basil, or parsley can give you the strong aroma.

Mugwort - Artemisia vulgaris

Uses: 1. mosquito repeller 2. steam bath 3.relief menstrual pain 4. heal bruises 5. use in ricecakes or noodles, dumplings, etc 7. relieve headache 8. Avoid intake huge amount while pregnancy


用途與近緣種用途區分:1.薰香,並可驅蟲。 2.可用於蒸氣浴。 3.調經,緩和生理痛。 4.製成外敷薰蒸藥,可治療淤傷,風濕症痛風。 5.添加於米製糕點—艾草粿。 6.和入麵粉製成各式各樣的麵食--艾草麵,艾草水餃,饅頭。 7.民間偏方—艾草炒蛋可治療偏頭痛。 8.孕婦勿大量服用。

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