Friday 20 November 2009

Charity bottle。慈善瓶

When I wanted to buy a bottle, saw this from Sisters, November 2009


so I bought one 750ml bottle and donated RM1 to World Vision. If you need a bottle too, please purchase for support
所以买了个750ml 水瓶,捐了一元给世界宣明会。如果你也缺瓶子,请购买,支持支持。

P/S RM1 will be donated to WWF with every purchase of WWF Bros bottle, so do World Vision Bros bottle | 凡购买WWF 或 World Vision Bros 水瓶,一元将会捐予有关单位


mosquitomunZ said...

this only can found in Msia during Nov?

咖啡欣。caffeine said...

I'm not sure Bros export their product or not. Maybe you can go to those suapermarket, shoping complex

iosyin said...

BROS designed 2 new designs for World Vision and WWF.Check on this like BROS official Website(

Beside that i just notice that recently they are in Facebook too....Check on this link (

SHare ... :)


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