Saturday 1 May 2010

Ding Tai Fung, Pavillion | 鼎泰峰

usually will take western food while in shopping mall, but for tonight, feel bored with western food. Tonight choose for Din Tai Fung


Set meal | 套餐 RM24.80

tea, 3 crab meat dumplings, 3 regular meat dumplings, rice/ noddle main course, red bean congee with rice dumpling.  
茶, 3蟹丝小龙包, 3小龙包, 饭/ 面,芝麻汤圆红豆汤水

Chinese tea | 茶

vinegar with ginger | 姜丝醋

for Shanghainese meat dumpling (xiao long bao)

crab meat dumpling | 蟹丝小龙包

Soup-filled dumpling, can you see the soup inside? crab meat and pork inside, rice wine (Shao Hsing Chiew)

meat dumpling | 小龙包

regular xiao long bao, only pork is used. 这是普通的,只有猪肉。

pork fried rice | 猪肉丝蛋炒饭

peral rice is used, nice texture and aroma, lot of egg used too.

Red bean con-gee with sesame rice dumpling | 芝麻汤圆红豆汤水

my favorite dessert, thumb up. fruity read bean con-gee, nice. 

ginkgo yam paste | 白果芋泥 RM6.80

steamed yam , something like mashed potato. too sweet.

deep fried mango prawn roll | 酥炸芒果虾仁卷 RM7.80

I so remember the first time i had it some where at Connought pasar malam, it taste like toilet, some kind of toilet detergent smell, lol. Of course, not the same case here. 


mango and prawn wrapped with crispy batter, some mayonnaise inside too. taste not bad, the mango is fresh and sweet.  


besides that, they serve noodle and others oriental chicken chop, pork chop and fish chop too. overall, the food is okay among franchisee Chinese restaurants in Malaysia. (anyway, the price is high due to the location. Once you in a shopping mall like Pavillion, really not much choices for the pricing)


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