Saturday 29 May 2010

San Francisco Steak House | 三番市扒屋, Ipoh

San Francisco Steakhouse    三番市扒屋

Barrel bistro table   酒桶形桌子

Dining area 饭厅

Dining area is fully booked tonight, only bistro seat available.

Various of beverages are served here, wine, beer, juices, smoothies, cocktails and etc. We are not going for any alcoholic drink tonight. We order apple juice RM 9.90, 100 Plus RM 6.90 (refillable), Golden Gate and Tropicana Oasis smoothies RM9.90.

这饮料蛮多,红酒,啤酒,果汁,鸡尾酒和其它。我们点了苹果汁 RM9.90, 100号 RM6.90(可续杯),思慕雪 RM9.90

Tropicana Oasis Smoothies 思慕雪

As Long As Arm Long Hot Dog RM 19.90

Long hot dog served with coleslaw and fries. It's a hot dog with cheese chucks inside, quite tasty.

Duck Confit with lentils and pumpkin RM 28.90

The duck meat is dry and not much flavour but pumpkin and lentils are nice. Whole slide of grilled pumpkin is giving, it's sweet and tasty. * I think the waiter must be sleepy or din't wear his spec, he served the dish without the duck  -_-|||

鸭腿很干,味道不够。好吃的是小扁豆和南瓜。烤南瓜真的很好吃,又甜。小插曲:服务生竟然端上没鸭的,没戴眼镜还是困了? -_-|||

Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Breast, served with rice and broccoli RM 21.90

Taste like plain grilled chicken, teriyaki sauce was not enough. Two pieces of chicken breast meat, almost one third of broccoli and rice definitely make you feel full.

Maryland RM 20.90 玛丽兰香脆鸡

Crispy fried chicken chop, battered banana and hot dog (behind banana), fries and corn on a cob. Nice fries they have. Nothing special on the fried chicken


Carrot Cake RM12.90 萝卜蛋糕

798 Public House promotion, daily promotion on beer and liqueur.

Total bill of tonight is RM 170.00, include 10% of service charge and 5% of gov. tax.
总共我们花了RM 170.00, 包括 10% 小费和 5% 政府税收。

No 8, Ground Floor,
Coliseum Square,
Jalan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah,
Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

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