Monday 24 May 2010

Meal at Sg. Lembing | 林明小食

we walk on morning market and grab some kuih

bubor cha cha, peanut, pandan sweet corn, turmeric rice with coconut shredded. The kuih really surprise me because it was not sweet at all


Lembing SanSeng Noodles Stall . This visited by Zeng Guo Cheng from Delicious Food All Over TV show
林明山城面档 美食大三通 -曾国城来过

 You must try Sg. Lembing tofu when you are here. The tofu is made by using water from mountain which make it to have smooth and tender texture.


Wei's food stall   伟记小吃档

Tomato noodle, using tomato sauce to made, it is a regular dish you can find at Sg. Lembing


Spicy fried noodle, another regular dish in here. Full of dark soy sauce taste, and it's not spicy enough. The one i like of the dish is a lot of sesame sprinkle on top.


Yellow noodle is slightly different in here, less alkaline taste and the size is fine than usual one. still left one thing haven't taste which is BBQ pork, next time must give it a try


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