Thursday 3 March 2011

bacon cheese thick toast | 培根芝士厚面包

thick toast, tomato (sliced), Chinese celery (only leave), soft cheese, garlic, black pepper, salt, olive oil, bacon (pan fried)

厚面包,番茄 (切片),芹菜叶,柔质芝士,蒜头,黑胡椒,盐,橄榄油,培根(煎)

1. toast the bread in the oven (since no bread toaster at home)
2. spread olive oil and rub garlic on the surface when it still hot
3. place tomato and Chinese celery, sprinkler some salt and black pepper  
4. place bacon (pan fried) and soft cheese. done.

1. 把厚面包烤
2. 趁面包还热时,涂些橄榄油,再用蒜头擦面包
3. 放上番茄片和芹菜,撒些黑胡椒,盐
4. 然后放上培根和芝士

garlic rub the toast really do the trick

modified from : Jamie Oliver, The Return of Naked Chef
原于:傑米·奧利佛,The Return of Naked Chef

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