Tuesday 15 March 2011

Daorae Korean BBQ, Ipoh | Daorae 韩国烧烤, 怡保

Korean tea  

 banchan (refillable) - no charges
小菜 (可添)- 免费

one round of banchan already fill one third of my stomach.

Korean chili sauce and sesame flavour oil, Chinese lettuce for BBQ (all refillable)
配烤肉的韩式辣椒酱和香油, 生菜(可添)

assorted pork

the meat is fresh, onion and garlic are provide for the BBQ session

marinated chicken

the taste of the marinade sauce is  quite strong

Naengmyeon in cold soup, mustard and vinegar was given to add the taste

This is a cold noodle, top with shredded cucumber, seaweed and half hard-boiled egg. It's taste simple and fresh before adding anything. After add in mustard and vinegar, taste spicy and sour, and cool too, does help in appetite.


fried rice cake

I think fried rice cake is Korean common dish. Rice cake texture is chewy and plain. Sauce used is spicy and sweet. Besides that, many vegetables added.


pork bone soup served with bowl of rice
猪骨汤 + 饭

I love pork bone soup. I love this as I can taste the pork is in the soup. Though it look red but not it doesn't too hot or spicy like kimji soup, again is bit sour. Korean cuisine most is sour and spicy. The portion is big. There's two whole potatos in the soup, and few bone which still attached with meat. I wonder how can one person finish up.


Bulgogi served with glass noodle served with bowl of rice
烤牛肉冬粉 + 饭

The most lovely part is the glass noddle. It is because glass noodle at the bottom absorb all the flavourful sauce, the Bulgogi taste, the sweet onion, the seasoning, etc.


*Sorry for didn't providing the price as forgotten. The above orders cost roughly about RM200++  for 6 pax.

Daorae Korean BBQ

Lot L1-R-9, 1st Floor,
De Garden, No 3, Persiaran Medan Ipoh,
31400 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel : 05-548 2616

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