Tuesday 15 September 2009

Fruit tart 水果塔

Base 塔低 :
flour   面粉   200g
unsalted butter   无盐牛油   113g
salt     盐        2g
sugar  砂糖    50g
egg     蛋       1 (A)

  1. Beat the butter together with the sugar till fluffy then add in egg. Beat until well mixed. 将牛油和糖打滑, 加入蛋。打至全部材料混和。
  2. Add in shifted flour and salt into the mixture. Beat it in low speed until dough form. Do not use high speed or long itme beating for the base will become hard after bake. 加入面粉和盐。用低速度打成面团。不要用高速或打太久,不然饼会变硬。
  3. put the dough into the fridge about 20 minutes in order to allowed it to become firm and easy to mould. 把面团放进冰箱, 二十分钟, 让它不那么软,容易模型。
  4. mould it and trim the excess. bake under 200 C, about 15 to 20 minutes or crust become light brown. (Time of baking depend on the size and oven type). 然后,将面团放进模型,切去多余的。放进烤炉,200 摄氏,15 到 20 分钟,金黄色就行了。(烤的时间在于饼的大小和烤炉)

Custard 吉士馅
Skim milk 脱脂牛奶   300ml
yolk 蛋黄  3 (A)
sugar  糖  50g
flour   面粉  20g
cornstarch 玉蜀黍粉   20g
vanilla flavour 香草精

  1. mix sugar and egg, add in warm skim milk and heat up using medium heat. whisk constantly to avoid curdling. When all sugar melts and wellmixed, it;s done. If found curd, strain it. 将蛋和糖混和,加入温热的脱脂牛奶,加热,不停搅,不让会凝固。糖溶了,就可以啦。可以过滤,如有凝固物。
  2. Now, add in sifted flour and corn starch. Whisk it till it become thick, remove from heat and add in vanilla flavour. 加入面粉和玉蜀黍粉。当变稠了,关火,加入香草精。
Apricot glaze 杏桃果醬装饰
heat 125g apricot until melt, go through strainer。 把125g 杏桃果醬加热至溶,然后过滤。

Tart 塔
put or pipe the custard in to the crust. then top with your flavorite fruit or topping. Done! 把馅放入垯低,铺上喜爱的水果。涂上酱杏桃果醬。功成!

[source: Joy of baking.com]

P/S the little tart brighten me up for another boring day today although the decorations not nice but taste good. I'm quite satisfied for it's my first time. Thank you for the recepi. 这小小的水果塔,让我纳闷的一天有了丝丝的光彩,虽然不美,但好吃,这是第一次,我。。。满意!!!谢谢食谱。

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