Monday 28 September 2009

Noodle with M&M 。肉菇豆签

Thank you for brought me the bean noodle from Melaka, it was delicious.

Ingredients | 料

  • mushroom | 香菇
  • minced meat | 肉碎
  • chopped garlic | 蒜茸
  • sliced onion | 洋葱切片
  • italians herbs | 意大利香料
  • egg | 蛋
  • bean noodle | 粗豆签
  • salt | 盐
  • black pepper | 黑胡椒

Procedures | 步骤
  1. Cook the noodle and set aside. 先把豆签煮熟。
  2. heat oil on pan, add in onion and stir fry it. then add garlic and minced meat. Add some water and stir fry. 把油加热,加入洋葱,炒一炒。然后放进蒜茸和肉碎。加点水炒一炒。
  3. when minced is cooked, add in noodle, follow by salt and black pepper. 当肉熟了,放进豆签,黑胡椒,盐。
  4. stir fry for some minutes then add in egg. 把面炒一会儿,加蛋再炒。
  5. Finally add in herbs and ready to be served. 最后放些意大利香料,可以吃了!

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