Monday 28 September 2009

Noodle with Tomato sauce 。蕃茄酱面

...Lunch of the day...今日午餐...

Ingredients | 料
  • sliced pork | 猪肉片
  • salt &  black pepper | 盐 & 黑胡椒
  • fresh tomato (cubes) | 蕃茄(方块) 
  • onion (sliced) | 洋葱 (切片)
  • garlic  (finely chopped) | 蒜茸
  • tomato paste | 蕃茄酱
  • english parsley (finely chopped) | 西洋芫茜
  • basil | 九层塔
  • olive oil | 橄榄油
  • noodle | 面

  Procedures | 步骤
  1. marinate pork with some salt and black pepper. 用盐& 黑胡椒腌猪肉片
  2. Add some oilive oil to the pan and heat. 橄榄油加入锅里,烧热。
  3. Add in onion, stir fry few minutes. Then add in garlic, pork, fresh tomato and tomato paste. 加进洋葱,炒一炒。然后加入蒜茸,猪肉片,蕃茄,蕃茄酱。
  4. If you find it too thick, add in some water. 如太稠,加些水。
  5. Cook it till boil and pork is cooked, finally add in salt, parsley and basil. 煮熟后,放些盐,九层塔,芫茜。
  6. Pour the sauce over cooked noodle. Done! 把酱倒在面上,可吃了!
P/S  Add in herbs that you like, italians herbs or chinese parsley, or any others. Add in some parmesan cheese to add some flavour. 选你爱的香料,意大利香料,芫茜或其它。加点意大利干酪,也不错。

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