Sunday 11 October 2009

Char siu 。叉烧

Char Siu (I named it Chinese BBQ) is a delicious dish which I wanted to learn. I found this Garlic Char Xiu Sauce from boss's recipes collection. Today,I decided to make it for dinner.


Ingredients | 料

600g pork tenderloin | 600g 腰枚
2 whole garlic, chopped | 2 颗蒜,碎
3 tbsp oyster sauce | 3 蚝油
4 tbsp light soya sauce | 4大匙酱清
4 tbsp sugar | 4大匙糖
3 tbsp shaoxing wine | 3大匙绍兴酒
2 tsp five spices powder | 2小匙五香粉
2 sp red fermented rice | 2匙红糟
500ml water | 500ml 水
1 tsp corn flour | 1小匙粟粉

Procedures | 步

Char Xiu sauce | 叉烧酱

  1. Heat up oil and saute chopped garlic until fragrant. 将蒜爆香。
  2. Add in remaining ingresdients and bring to boil for 5 minutes. 加入其它材料,滚五分钟。
  3. Finally, add in corn flour for thickening. 最后加入粟粉打芡。

Use half the sauce to marinate the loin for 2 to 3 hours (cover and put in the fridge).  用一半酱把肉掩 2 到 3 小时(盖上,放进冰箱)。

Char Xiu | 叉烧

  1. Pan fry until fragrant, until brown and well cooked. 把肉煎熟,煎香。
  2. Slice and serve.切片,上桌。
  3. Remaning sauce can used as dipping. 可点叉烧酱。

[modified from: hawkers' Fair...Sauces, Yum Yum Magazine | 大牌档酱, 新新饮食]

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