Friday 9 October 2009

Bacon sandwich 。培肯三文治

Last night K-box incident, I think I should stay in my tiny office corner to have my low cost sandwich as my lunch. Lunch of the day, bacon sandwich. Ingredients were obtained from balance stock in the kitchen.



2 slices of wholemeal sandwich bread | 两片全麦面包
3 slices of bacon | 三片培肯
2 lettuce leaves | 两片生菜
1 small tomato | 一颗小番茄
1 light cheedar cheese | 一片切德干酪

  1. Fried bacons on a non-stick pan (no need to add oil, as oil will ease from the bacon). When you found some browning effect, remove from heat and allowed to cool. 煎熟培肯 (用不黏锅,就不必放油,培肯很多油)。待冷。
  2. Place one lettuce leaf on the bread, then bacons, followed by cheese and tomato. Then another lettuce, cover with annother slice of bread. 放一片生菜在面包上,培肯,然后是芝士,番茄,再来一片生菜,还有面包。
  3. You may have your sandwich now. 请享用培肯三文治。

P/S garlic toast for the sandwich will be taste better. 烤个蒜米面包做三文治,更美味。

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