Saturday 10 October 2009

Takahashi 。高桥珈啡馆

Takahashi, kinta city, second flour, in between K-box and Huan Xi Di. 10% with K-box member card or Jusco card. but unfortunately I do not have it. It's like restaurant cum cafe, but I felt disappointed for no Japanese coffee is served, I just can find Ipoh White Coffee. We have choosen Curry rice and pizza from the menu. I forgot the actual names on the menu.

高桥咖啡馆,座于怡保近打城,三楼。隔壁是K-box, 另一遍是欢喜地。K-box 和 J card 会员有九折。可是我没有。这里是日本咖啡馆,却没有日本咖啡,只有怡保白咖啡,有点失望。从菜单,选了两样,日本咖哩饭和比萨。不记得菜单上的名。

Japanese Curry rice Rm12.90 approx. | 加哩饭

The curry was so so. The curry taste is too light. I prefer Japanese Curry at A Lai I Japanese Restaurant, Bandar Medan Ipoh Baru, or Waraku's one, much more better. 


Teriyaki Chicken pizza RM20++ | 磨菇比萨

Pizza served here most is using cream cheese and no tomato paste was used. This is the first time I try cream cheese pizza, taste good. The pizza base is thin crust, taste okay, crust is crispy and nice. Main ingredients are mushroom and chicken but it was hard to find where the chicken is, luckily I able to eat some mushroom, at least. Overall, I prefer Coconut Tree's pizza at Melaka. Both pizza are similar. There's Takahashi Pizza on the menu which banana is used. At the moment, I do not have the courage to try it yet.

这里的比萨都用奶油奶酪,没用番茄酱。第一次吃奶油奶酪比萨,不错。比萨低,脆又香,好吃。主要的材料应该是磨菇和鸡肉,奇怪,怎么找不到鸡肉。磨菇倒吃到,鸡肉呢?和椰子树的一样,都用薄皮,相较之下,我选椰子树。它的招牌比萨- Takahashi Pizza 是用香蕉,我还没有心理准备试吃。

P/S If you want to have some Japanese cuisine, not recommended. 如果想要享用日本料理,不建议。

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