Friday 25 December 2009

Garlic Pumpkin Soup | 蒜香南瓜汤

Ingredients | 料

pumpkin | 南瓜
garlic | 大蒜
onion | 洋葱
celery | 西芹
chicken broth / vegetable broth | 鸡上汤/菜上汤

1. Place cubed pumpkin and garlic on baking pan, toss with olive oil. Then roast at 180 till soft and browning. Blend the pumpkin and garlic when it is cool. 南瓜切方块,拌入大蒜与柑榄油,烤到熟及金黄色。待冷,搅烂。

2. Meanwhile, cook the onion (chopped) and celery (diced) with chicken broth in a pot. Blend when it is cool. 洋葱西芹切小块,放进汤煲,加上汤煮。待冷,搅烂。

3. Mix pumpkin puree and broth togather. 将南瓜泥加进汤。

4. Mix well and under medium heat, add in salt and pepper. 加热,放入盐和胡椒。

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