Friday 4 December 2009

Visited web shop


C : "I would like to buy the ring. May i know the ring measurement? and please tell me how to measure without instrument as I do not know my ring size too."

S :" I would not show to measure the ring size. The ring size is measure by diameter as everybody knows."

C:"......(diameter? ooh...maybe i'm stupid about it. how to measure my finger diameter?)"

so decided to check out what is diameter. That I found it on Wikipedia

diameter of a circle is any straight line segment that passes through the center of the circle and whose endpoints are on the circle.

alright, I know what is diameter now. Is that middle line in the circle that passes through the center of the circle. Than I look at my finger, my finger tip is smaller and not in round shape too. How to the diameter? Or i get a caliper to measure it, but who will have a caliper in house? or maybe I can chop off my finger tip, than I can measure it, but this way will lost my finger.

secondly I think is using math, i got the ring's diameter, means if i measure my finger circumference, follow the the formulation circumference = 2πr. May I know is everyone know about the π , the r thing? If I'm not study some geometry before, I do not think I know it for the rest for my life, as i am a stupid.

The ring is measured diameter, I know. But to measure my own ring size, how to measure by diameter? caliper? who will keep one at home? use formulation? π equal to? I just want buy a ring, is it too complicated?

The simple way is to measure my finger circumference to get a rough reading, and tell me the ring's inside circumference too, then i know whether the ring can fit or not. Or you convert diameter to circumference to me.

There's a chart to convert diameter to circumference for ring size. Maybe you can show me the chart instead saying "ring size measured by diameter as everybody knows"......sorry for I am a stupid. You are the who selling the ring, I bet you know about the measurements too.

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