Friday 25 December 2009

Stuffed Chicken | 烤鸡

This suppose to be a stuffed chicken, but it's been chopped before I get to take photo of the whole chicken.

Ingredients | 料
  • One whole chicken (approx 1.5kg) | 一只鸡 (大概 1.5kg)
  • lemon | 一颗柠檬
  • rosemarry | 迷迭香
  • black pepper | 黑胡椒
  • chicken broth | 鸡上汤
  • butter | 牛油
  • baby potato | 小马铃薯

  • luncheon meat ham | 午餐肉
  • carrot | 红罗卜
  • celery | 西芹
  • basil | 九层塔
  • garlic | 大蒜
  • onion | 洋葱


Stuffing | 馅

1. dice carrot and celery into small pieces. 红罗卜,西芹切小粒。
2. coursely chop garlic and onion. 剁大蒜,洋葱
3. cut luncheon meat ham in cube (fried before cut) 把午餐肉煎,切成小方块。
4. Mix all togather, add in basil. 把全部混和,加入九层塔。


1. wash the chicken with salt water. Pat dry. 用盐水把鸡洗。把水抹。

2. rub the cavity and outside with lemon juice. Follow by salt and black pepper. 柠檬汁涂抹鸡,里和外。然后,盐和黑胡椒。

3. Stuff the ingredients into the cavity. Close the opening with toothpick or with cotton string. 把馅塞进鸡里。用牙签或线缝口。

4. Marinate it for 8 hours. 掩八个小时。

5. For roasting, place the chicken on oiled baking pan. rub the chicken with butter. Sprinkling with rosemarry. 烤盘抹上油,放鸡,把鸡抹上牛油。洒上迷迭香。

6. Cover with alumium foil and roast for 1 hour at 230 C.包上锡箔纸,烤一个小时。230 摄氏。

7. Meanwhile, boil baby potatos with salt water until half cooked. 同时,用盐水将马铃薯煮半熟。

8. After one hour roasting, remove foil, add in baby potatoes. Roast for another 45 minutes to 1 hour. until chicken is cooked and golden brown. (Potatos will taste nice after absorp the chicken broth). 烤一个小时后,拿走锡箔纸,把马铃薯也放进烤盘 (马铃薯将吸收鸡的精华)。再烤 45 分钟到一小时。熟及呈金黄色。

9. While roasting, pour on some chicken broth to prevent drying. 烘烤时,当鸡的表面干时,淋些上汤,可避免肉质变干。

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