Sunday 28 February 2010

年十五 | 15th of CNY


Chap Goh Mei today,happy Chinese valentine's day! Valentines's day (214) i stayed at home, so do today. I suppose to go to event of throw mandarin orange, but didn't make it anyway. Never went before, I hope next year i could go. Fireworks everywhere now, must be crowded outside now. I think Bao Bao feel scare for those fireworks, he must be not feeling well now, luckily got Dou Dou company him. I made green tea layered cake, not too good but at least some improvement from last time, I believe next time will be much more better. Who can help to finish up the cake?

My Chap Goh Mei welcoming new mambers. Chou Yu that gifted by you, and my own sponsored Chang Fei

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