Sunday 28 February 2010

green tea layered cake | 绿茶蛋糕

green tea layered cake | 绿茶蛋糕

ingredient | 料

You can buy sponge mix for making sponge cake, easy and convenient. Preparation can refer on the packaging


filling | 馅

3-4 tbsp green tea powder 绿茶粉
2 tbsp gelatin 鱼胶粉
40g sugar 糖
50ml water 水
300ml evaporated milk 谈奶
300ml whipped cream 奶油

Mixture A | 甲料
  1. Melt sugar and gelatin into 50ml water and melt by using double boiler. 将鱼胶粉,糖煮加入50ml水,隔水煮溶
  2. meanwhile, mix green tea powder and evaporated milk together 同时,把绿茶粉与谈奶混和
  3. Combine gelatin mixture and milk mixture 将鱼胶与加了绿茶粉的奶混和
  4. lastly add in 300ml whipped cream 最后加入打好的奶油

green tea layered cake | 绿茶蛋糕
  1. Cut the sponge cake in to 2 layer. 将海棉蛋糕分成两层
  2. Place one layer on the cake mold and pour one layer of mixture A 一层做底,倒入甲料
  3. place another layer of cake on top, then pour the remaining mixture A 再铺另一层,倒入甲料
  4. refrigerate the cake for 2 to 4 hours for set. 放入冰箱,约2至4小时

P/S although better than previous one, but not satisfied, hope better for next time. 虽今次比上次好,但是还没好,下次必定更好

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