Wednesday 17 February 2010

Wasabe Restaurant (a la carte), Ipoh | 哇啥啤 (菜谱点菜) ,怡保

ground floor of Wasabe serve buffet and 1st floor is a la carte. A la carte is much different than buffet. so do the price.

我们坐的厢房 (八座)
the dining room (8 seats)

米酒 | Sake RM80

毛豆 | Edamame (steamed green soy bean)

杂锦天妇罗asorted tempura

炒鲍鱼片 | grilled abalone

三文鱼刺身 | salmon shashimi
RM35.00 (5 pcs)

大寿司卷 (8块)。又大又圆,卷得漂亮。里有腌笋,蛮好吃的。没想到可这样吃。
large sushi roll (8 pcs), big and round, look good and taste good, thumbs up. there's pickled bamboo shoot, nice to bite. Never thought that bamboo shoot can eat in this way.

New Zealand oyster. fresh and the body is full,tasty
RM9/ per piece

Japanese Pizza (Okonomiyaki). like a big paz cake with carrot, octupus, potato, chinese cabbage, scollop etc. nice dish. recommended share by 6 person

以下是新年套餐 RM128,一人份 (好大份,一个人吃不完)
New Year Set RM128, one person meal (the set is too big, better share)

海藻黄瓜绊山葵 | Seaweed with green mustard cucumber

桃太郎鲜茄沙拉 | Fresh momotaro tomato salad

刺身 | Sashimi

Grilled cheese lobster. very cheezy. live lobster was used.

 烤鳕鱼 | Grilled cod fish

味噌鲭鱼。曾经不爱吃鲭鱼 (除了罐头茄子鲭鱼),因鱼腥味很重。这用味噌和白罗卜煮,把鱼腥都去了,很好。
Saba fish with Miso. do not like saba fish (except those can tomato saba) because of the strong fishy odour. by using miso and white radish to cook, able to removed the unpleasent fishy smell, good.

炸日本生蚝 | Deep fried Japanese oyster

Miso soup. like this beacuse it's not salty like what i had before.

Grilled eel rice . 2 pcs of eel with 1 & half bowl of rice, portion quite big. the eel is fresh, no unpleasent fishy smell like others place i had before

爱情果 & 绿茶雪糕 | Love fruit &Macha ice cream

大厢房, 十二人++
another dining hall, can fit in 12++ person

Enviroment is nice and comfortable, some soft music or song are played, nice dining mood.satisfied with those fresh seafood, like the way their cook the fish.

Wasabe Restaurant Sdn. Bhd.
Block A-G-3, A-1-3, A-G-5 & A-G-7
Bangunan Perdagangan Casuarina 1,
Jalan Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah,
30250 Ipoh, Perak. Malaysia.
Tel: 05-2258860 Fax: 05-2558861

营业时间:12:00pm - 3:00pm, 6:00pm-10:00pm
12:00pm -10:00pm (周末)

Business time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm, 6:00pm-10:00pm
12:00pm -10:00pm (weekends)

[Wasabe buffet | 自助餐 :]

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