Saturday 20 February 2010

年初六 | 6th day of CNY

今晚和朋友聚会。唉。。。话题周转在婚姻。。。你问我啊,我爱谈下次到哪玩,到哪吃,比较精彩。是不是到了这年龄,就爱婚姻?我就觉得顺其自然,毕竟现在才是人生的开始,要看的要体会的还有很多很多。这次的聚会结论是下次到 indulgence 庆生,吃啊,好啊!


gather with friends tonight...signed....look like people tend to think about marriage at this age, our topic tonight most on marriage and relationship. marriage? emm.....i prefer talk about next trip or place to eat. anyway, i think now is beginning of life, much to see and do besides getting marry. our conclusion if the night is celebrate birthday at indulgence, good!

of course, we never forget to snap some photo of our "pretty" when gathering.

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