Sunday 21 March 2010


caffeine: "good morning! mak^3"

mak^3: "good morning, caffeine"

caffeine: " it's sun day"

mak^3: "is it very sunny there?"

caffeine:" yes. sunny Sunday. Is it the reason call Sunday today?"

mak^3: "no idea"

caffeine: " Monday, moody Monday"

mak^3:" yes. moody Monday, then Tuesday, then WTF for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday"

caffeine:" it means only one normal day in a week, that's Tuesday"

mak^3:" so Tuesday is the working day "



Chris said...

哦?? 不明白..

咖啡欣。caffeine said...

W T F is represent some kind of bad words WTF, know? but it also can stand for wednesday,thursday, friday. one week got five workings day, monday got monday blue, then tuesday come, then WTF follow. did u realize there's only tuesday you are in good mood? so it the only working day.


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