Tuesday 9 March 2010

Macoy, Ipoh

Macoy, the European restaurant

Simple deco | 间单的装饰

lighting bit dark, i cannot read what's on today menu. They have 3 sets dinner A, B, and C, soup of the day + main course + dessert. Main course of A set is grilled chicken (RM29.90) , B is sirloin steak (RM47.90) and C (RM47.90) is salmon. Not going to have set dinner tonight because we are small eater, slice of cheese cake for each of us will be too heavy. We go for a la carte.

这里的灯光有点暗,看不清餐牌。有A, B, C 晚市套餐。包括餐湯、主菜、甜品。A 是烤鸡,B 是牛扒,C 是三文鱼。不会点晚市套餐,吃不完。

coffee | 咖啡 RM4.80

the coffee was too light for me. lack of aroma and bitterness, maybe add in creamer will be better.


but i like the cup


fresh lemon juice | 柠檬汁 RM4.80

freshly squeezed lemon juice, strong lemon taste. You will love it if you like the sourness.

fresh watermelon juice | 鲜西瓜汁 RM4.80

Chicken Diavola | 鸡扒 RM16.90

chicken marinated with rosemary and mild chili. rosemary never go wrong with meat, good match. the meat was tender and juicy. 

pan fried sole fish with bread crumb | RM 17.90

 sole fish definatelly better than those normal dory fish. local used dory fish used to have the strong fishy smell which i do not like, moreover texture of the meat big soggy. The fish is nice and so do the french fries, thick strip with crunchy skin. 

baked cheese cake with berry coulis  | 梅子酱乳酪蛋糕  RM12.90

cheesy cake with berry coulis, nice match. what a wonderful feeling when tongue intact with cheesy creamy cake, yum yum.
香烘乳酪蛋糕,淋上梅子酱,绝 配。又棉又香的乳酪蛋糕与舌头的相遇,有说不出的快乐,陶醉极了!

Not really know about European food thus not much comment for here except for the coffee. Food served here not bad but price bit high.

Macoy European Restaurant
C-G-2 Greentown Square,
Jalan Dato Seri Ahmad Said,
30450 Ipoh, Perak

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