Friday 19 March 2010

luncheon meat carbonara | 午餐肉奶油意粉

here come another carbonara, this time is added with luncheon meat instead of bacon. as you know, luncheon meat always be tasty, so do the end product


ingredient | 料

luncheon meat | 午餐肉
whole egg/ egg white | 蛋/ 蛋白
butter | 牛油
Parmesan cheese | 帕瑪森起司粉
black pepper | 黑胡椒
spaghetti | 意粉

  1. sauté luncheon meat with some butter in a bowl which enough for the pasta. 用牛油将午餐肉炒一炒
  2. after sauté, reduce the heat and add in butter, cheese and egg (keep the heat at the lowest because we do not want the egg to set). 然后关小火, 加入牛油,帕瑪森起司和蛋 (温度一定要低,因不要把蛋弄熟)。
  3. meanwhile, cook the pasta. when it's cooked, drain it and mix it with the egg sauce. heat from the pasta will set the egg. 同时煮意粉。当粉熟了,将粉加进酱里。意粉的热度能把蛋弄熟。
  4. pass some Parmesan cheese seperately | 再撒上帕瑪森起司粉

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