Saturday 27 March 2010

siTigun, Penang

tea time for now, 10am in the morning, here we are at Penang, Si Tigun. This was recommended by mak^3
麦^3 介绍的咖啡店,十点了,来杯早茶吧

Nagore street

one mocha and one turkish coffee please

mocha | 摩卡
RM 6.20

cup of coffee which taste chocolatey, not chocolate coffee, do you know what I mean? mocha should be coffee with chocolatey taste. so far, this is the best mocha I ever had. for others cafe's mocha, chocolate tend to cover the pleasure taste of coffee. in si tigun, you can still get to smell the aroma, enjoy the acidity and bitterness of the coffee and yet it give you the chocolatey taste.


Turkish coffee/ crash coffee RM 4.80

Turkish coffee is prepared by boiling coffee powder, wait for the dregs settle before you drink. I regret for didn't go and look at the preparation, is it really boil. first time try, kind of loving it. first slip, taste light, but wait  for another minutes, getting stronger and stronger. medium body coffee , soft acidity and pleasent bitterness. the coffee tend to give a clean-tasting, pure coffee.


here is the dregs at the bottom, fine ground coffee you can see

Si Tigun original recipe Tiramisu | 自家提拉米苏

not the traditional type which is cheese with lady fingers soaked with coffee liqueur. although not the traditional recipe, the cake is nice. creamy cheese, layered with self made lady finger like cake. nice coffee liqueur with vanilla smell. Think of eating the second piece. (for my own, i prefer strong coffee used for Tiramisu)


lovely croissant |好好吃的牛角包

what a nice and fresh pastry we have here. crispy on the outside and soft inside


I'll will be back


15 - 17 Jalan Nagore
10050 Pulau Pinang
Phone: 04. 228 7108

Monday: closed
Tuesday - Sunday: 08.00 to 22.00

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