Tuesday 8 September 2009

The House of Small Cubes

Japan Media Arts Festival 12th
Title: The House of small cubes
Artist: Kato Kunio
Grand Prize

For a 12 minutes animation, few drops of tear. Simple, touching story line. What is life? Life just a thing that full of memories? I always imagine that i would have a life just like the animation. Family, friends, all gone, living alone in the old house which full of memories.

P/S Think of global warming when see the house covered by water. Is it another message from the artist?


P/S 看到屋子沿了,即然想到全球暖化的后果,不知制作人是否在传达这讯息。


Lilmissdelight said...

this short film was awarded in oscar this year. Short yet meaningful.. hv u watched "UP"? The beginning part of the movie was filmed quite similar like this. Look this kind of animation ~

咖啡欣。caffeine said...

Yes,UP is nice too. Story about life.


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