Tuesday 15 December 2009

Restaurant Bukit Tinggi BBQ | 武吉丁宜烧烤村

On the way to Genting, four of us go to Bukit Tinggi to have our dinner 


Bukit Tinggi BBQ, well, just a ordinary name


restaurant's wall is build by thousand of wine bottle, the one at the top look unique. quite a useful and eco way, as wall, as deco too.


umbrellas on the ceiling, souvenir from customer. regret did not ask the reason.


chili fried chili | 辣椒炒辣椒

First dish, chili fried chili. the sauce is normal oriental sauce which content oyster sauce and light soya sauce, but never tried before. The chili very fresh, 'crunchy' as it was not overcooked. you can taste the sweetness of the chili, and not too hot, suitable for people who does't eat spicy food. The method of cooking keep the orginal taste of the chilis, feel fresh. Wonder what type  species they used. I just know it was YUMMY.

第一道菜,辣椒炒辣椒。没什么特别,就是酱清蚝油炒辣椒,可我没吃过。原来辣椒可那样吃。辣椒很鲜甜,脆脆的,带点辣,怕辣的都可吃。这样的煮法和调味保住辣椒的鲜甜,感觉很清爽。不知道是什么品种的辣椒, 只知道很好吃。

Seafood pot (according to chinese name: Do not let the good thing branch into others field) |

After chili, let have seafood pot, simple delicious. Simple cooking, only salt, liquor and ginger to steam the seafood. The best way to taste the freshness of the seafood is by steaming. Inside the pot, you can find prawn, crab and clam. Seafood must be fresh if steam is used, if not will.

吃完辣辣,来个肥水不流别人田 ,其实是海鲜煲。吃海鲜,就是吃它的鲜。只用了酒和盐,姜水清蒸,地确很鲜 。清蒸能保留海鲜的鲜味,盐能提鲜味,酒和姜能去腥。 海鲜有虾,螃蟹,蛤蜊。地确很鲜。这道菜肴一定要用新鲜的,不然会很腥,恶。

Do not let the good thing branch into others field? means don't waste the soup under the pot which used for steaming. Mix vegetables and oyster mushroom will be added into the soup. The soup is delicious for it's full of seafood taste.


Mix vegetables | 杂菜
RM 8

Next, we have salt baked fish. Coarse salt is used to cover whole fish and baked. African fish (fresh water)  is used. The fish is fresh and tasty. It do not have the mud taste as most African fish (fresh water) do. It will be terrible if do not know to ease the mud taste. If you do not like fish belly, you gonna try this one, suprise.


Salt baked fish | 雪山飞狐
(forgot the price, sorry)

Heard that lamb is one of the recommanded, but we were too full.

Food at their garden too.

Passion fruit | 百香果

Sowthistle | 荬

vegetables in pan mee, what's the name | 薯仔菜

Restaurant Bukit Tinggi BBQ | 武吉丁宜烧烤村
PT 15792 & 15793, Jalan Bukit Tinggi,
28750 Bentong, Pahang.
Tel: 09-233 0330/ 012-3577111

P/S love the way their cook the seafood, because i love the original taste, naked delicious | 喜欢这里处理海鲜的方法,因我最爱它原有的鲜味,真正的味道,赤裸裸的。


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the vegetables in pan mee, is 树仔菜.
Sauropus andrygynus


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