Friday 25 December 2009

Tomato rice | 饭茄

Ingredients | 料

Tomato | 番茄
pearl rice | 珍珠米
basil leave | 九层塔
chopped garlic | 蒜茸

1. Cut a slice off the stalk end of tomato. Keep top as lid. 把番茄上部和低部切。上部成盖。

2. Scoop out the pulp of tomatos and mesh in a bowl.  把肉挖出,弄碎。

3. Add in basil, garlic, rice, salt and pepper, and stir in 1 tablespoon of olive oil. 将米,九层塔,蒜茸,盐,胡椒,一汤匙油混和。

4. Mix well and let it stand for 1 hour to allow the rice soak up the tomato juice. 待一个小时,让米吸收番茄汁。

5. After one hour, cook the rice in a pan, till half cooked in order to shorten time in the oven. 把米煮半熟。

6. Stuff the rice into tomato and cover with lid. Drizzle with oil and place on baking pan. 将半熟米饭塞进番茄,盖上,潵上油,放上烤盘。

7. Bake it in the oven for 35 minutes at 200 C, till the rice cooked through. 考35分钟,200 摄氏,到米饭完全熟透。

[source: Marina Filippelli. 200 Italian favourites. hamlyn]


This is a plain tomato rice with only little seasonings added. If prefer heavy taste, suggest to add in other ingredients as desired or fried rice.

Original recipe suggest arborio, carnoroli or vialone nano rice. and i do not know them,just know from Italy.
食谱建议用arborio, carnoroli or vialone nano米,不懂是什么。只知道是意大利米。


mosquitomunZ said...

gal, u are very geng...i wil try this out...i lke tomatoes..^^
thanks for sharing..

咖啡欣。caffeine said...

I like tomatoes too...okay..i will share more tomato with you...


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