Tuesday 19 January 2010

Chinese mushroom black fungus; mixed vege with bamboo fungus | 香菇黑木耳;清炒粒粒竹笙

Today lunch box, vege platter

Braised mushroom & black fungus | 菇菇焖木耳

ingredients | 料:

mushroom, black fungus, bean curd skins, garlic


1. saute garlic in hot oiled pan 把大蒜炒香

2. put in mushroom bean curd skins, covered and cook for 15 minutes.放进香菇,腐竹,焖15分钟

3. after that add in black fungus, cook for 5 minutes. 加入木耳, 煮5分钟

4. add in salt & light soya sauce, cook for another 5 minutes.加酱清,盐,再煮5分钟

Stir fried mixed vegetables & bamboo fungus | 清炒粒粒竹笙

ingredients | 料:

frozen mixed vegetables, bamboo fungus (washed)


1. boiled mixed vegetables for one minutes 烫杂菜,1分钟

2. then stir fry in hot oiled pan till cooked 炒熟

3. add in bamboo fungus 加入竹笙

4. sprinkle some salt 加点盐

Boiled bok choy | 水煮菜

ingredient | 料:

bok choy 小白菜

1. add some oil and salt in boiling water 沸水,加进少许盐和油

2. boil bok choy for 2 minutes 放进菜,煮2分钟

3. take out and add some light soya sauce if saltiness not enough 拿出,可加些酱清

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